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Dental laboratory Strziga

We offer

all common implant systems and a wide range of splint therapies for correcting teeth position or protecting the teeth.

✓ All-ceramic restorations
✓ Implant-supported dentures
✓ Zirconium crowns and bridges
✓ CAD-3shape

✓ Laser and electroplating technology
✓ Lock and attachment technology
✓ Valplast nylon prostheses
✓ Combined dentures

✓ Functional diagnostics
✓ Aligner therapy splints
✓ Bite splints
✓ Therapy splints

✓ Sports protection rails
✓ Relief rails
✓ Radiation protection rails
✓ Snoring splints

Quality made in Germany

Our service for you

The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest asset. Therefore we strive to offer the best quality embedded in a comprehensive service.

We use the best materials from high-quality and well-tolerated raw materials exclusively from renowned manufacturers and guarantee first-class workmanship, long durability and high compatibility.

Use our convenient express courier service. Arrange fixed or variable travel times and have your orders picked up by our drivers or our work results delivered.

For an optimal result with dentures, we offer the determination of the tooth color on the patient. We are happy to visit the dentists in their practice or receive the patients in our laboratory.

We offer comprehensive advice to doctors and patients. For the analysis of an initial situation, digital denture recordings are created, on the basis of which a desired result is visualized with a computer simulation.

About us

As a second generation dental laboratory, the name Strziga has now been established in Berlin and across the region for almost 50 years. At the headquarters in Berlin – Steglitz, we and a well-coordinated team now offer high-quality dental services that are embedded in perfect customer service.

Top qualified employees, modern technical equipment, the use of high-quality materials from renowned manufacturers and the integration of innovative developments always guarantee our customers the best solution for a perfectly fitting, aesthetic denture.

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Innovative prosthesis material made of nylon: biocompatible – thermoplastic

Handcraft and the finest color nuances for a perfect look

Future is digital – digitization has arrived in dental technology. It saves time and money.

Valplast - new flexibility

Nylon prostheses – aesthetic, flexible, allergy-free

Finally there is an aesthetically sophisticated alternative to conventional dentures with metal brackets: thanks to the high-performance nylon “Valplast”, the retaining elements of the dentures can now be made of gum-colored material. In contrast to the usual metal clamps, holding clamps made of Valplast are practically invisible in the mouth. In addition, nylon prostheses are unbreakable and are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers who have developed hypersensitivity to conventional dental plastics.

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Dental service for dentists for the benefit of patients for almost 50 years!

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